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Re: Detailed My Beater (pics Inside)

Originally Posted by MAXecutive View Post
lmao at Nick. 4Runner looking good. Ricky's motor is ripped apart right now, we broke the tensioner when we were changing the water pump and timing belt, lol. We had to overnight parts from Japan.
Lmao, good shit. Post updates on your 300zx on here or iG. Been a while. That interior though..

Originally Posted by streetking View Post
How much was the products? Car looks new; i wanna do the same to my aging 01
M205 is $25, 845 is $15, Claymagic is like $8, 3M painters tape is like $4, uber 5.5 pads are like $8 each, I needed 3 so $24, the Uber 5.5" backing plate is $12 and the GG is $140.

So $228, I didnt include the cost of microfiber towels, Isopropyl alcohol, a bottle, car wash soap, sponge/mitt, waffle weave drying towel, but you get the point.

It sounds like a lot but its an investment that will yield savings if you do it more than once.

I will say this though, once you start a collection you want to keep on adding products to expand lol.

Originally Posted by DanNY View Post
I never tried the PF2500...i read good reviews for the FG400 so i went with that. yeah it cuts..but then it breaks down more and more and then it'll finish up.

LOL yeah i use a buffer every chance i get. why work harder? you'll be buffing the finish out anyway might as well.

that makes sense...i always just use a quick detailer and use that as the wipe down.

yeah the coatings are pretty $...i like them but you have to apply it on perfectly or else it won't go on right...PITA IMO. should totally try it out. you don't use a lot of it on each car...that jar will last you for a LONG time.

LOL 845 is and provides "ok" i'm ok with it. the big selling point is that it's cheap.
Just read some reviews and I am convinced on the FG400 .

Actually ONR diluted as a QD works too for a wipedown, so I should have just done that lol.

I dont know why but I hate having to wash pads after im done lol. Thats one big reason why I refrain from using a buffer lol. Its the laziness in me lol.

I dont mind using the P21 on the 4runner, but the fact that its lifespan isn't as long as a synthetic wax means I'll have protect the paint again in a few weeks...and considering its a beater, I cant justify the effort LOL....if you haven't noticed, yeah Im lazy.

Originally Posted by packetattack View Post
845 gets used on all my cars for the winter as a "topper" for durability. Although this year I am willing to forego it to see how long NitroSeal will hold up for.
I'm sure Nitroseal will hold up, that stuff is great!
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